What we support

La Redoma, Inc is a newly created an official domestic nonprofit corporation for educational and charitable purposes in Texas with the sole purpose of supporting families with special needs adult children.



Redoma (La Redoma, Inc.) Adult Autism Center

Purpose:  To provide care and day services that promote physical activity, social interaction, enhanced self-esteem, and creative expression for young adults with autism, and intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Commitment:  La Redoma, Inc is seeking full 501c3 nonprofit registration with the IRS and is currently conducting a seed capital fund raising campaign to open and operate their first young adult day services and support program in the Tomball/Magnolia, Texas area.

At Simpatico, we know that everyone can make a difference. Philanthropy isn’t a walled garden, filled with thousand-dollar tables and black-tie galas — it’s up to all of us to make the world better, one small piece at a time.

We wouldn’t exist without the support of our customers. Every person who supports Simpatico, is ultimately helping Redoma, whether by purchasing T-shirts, Caps, or Pins, signing up for our mailing list, or even just telling people about Simpatico and our story and ties to Redoma.

Every purchase helps and proceeds from Simpatico support and help cover cost and expenses for La Redoma, Inc. It is all part of our ongoing mission to create a solution and provide safe and meaningful day programs for Adults with Autism and Neuorodiversities.

To Learn more and how to donate to Redoma, please go to www.laredoma.org  

or contact me at jtovar@laredoma.org

Jose Tovar