How to Boost Your Mood - Friends, Happiness, Life

How to Boost Your Mood - Friends, Happiness, Life

To begin, I must admit that this is my very first blog post. I have contemplated starting a blog for several months now, especially since the inception of Simpatico. Although I was unsure of the best way to approach it and what to discuss, one recurring thought persisted: the concept of kindness and how it influenced Simpatico’s creation.

I also want to admit that even though I discuss and write about kindness, I am not immune to occasionally getting upset with people, particularly in traffic. I think I am getting better at handling that, although my son may have a different opinion.

So, how does one go about boosting one's mood? Here is what I have noticed, it all starts with gratitude and that affects our attitude. Being genuinely grateful and focusing on what we have provides peace and balance to our daily life and helps us plot a course and keep moving on.

And one thing that I have, and I am grateful for, is friends, all kinds of friends. Some friends are new, some are old, some are young, and some are no longer here. Some are mentors, coaches, and confidants and some are mentees, starting life, careers, families, etc. Some I have met briefly in passing. never learned their name or seen them again, some I met recently, and some friends I have known all my life. When I focus on celebrating friendships, I find happiness in sharing words and acts of kindness and letting friends know that they are present in my life. In a nutshell, that is what is about. Find Friends, Hone Happiness, and Live Life and that is my recommendation on How to Boost Your Mood.

But I am not the only one saying this; “Research has shown that a simple act of kindness directed toward another improves the functioning of the immune system and stimulates the production of serotonin in both the recipient of the kindness and the person extending the kindness. Kindness extended, received, or observed beneficially impacts the physical health and feelings of everyone involved.” – Wayne Dyer.

When a kind person spreads a little kindness to another human being, that kind gesture allows us to see the true beauty of the soul. I have been blessed with receiving random and unsolicited acts of kindness from complete strangers, and sometimes I have been granted the gift of being witness to the kindness of the human spirit between passing strangers. Out of one act of kindness from a stranger is born a flame of hope - Anonymous.

Kindness makes everything better. We can share kindness with people, practice random kindness, and accept kindness when it is given to us. It is up to us to choose to be kind. Who will you show kindness to? It would be wonderful if you offer your kindness to first-time bloggers.

Mucho Love and Be Kind!

J. Tovar

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Well said brother. You do a great job of spreading kindness wherever you go IHSV


Beautifully said and a wonderful reminder that kindness is free to give and a blessing to both recipients. Thank you for reminding me to be kind. In the craziness of the times, it’s easy to forget. In Hoc and God bless, my Brother. Mucho love.

Tracy Allen

Jose, Outstanding first blog. You are an authentic and kind soul. I am thankful for the time we briefly overlapped in our trajectories because you genuinely care about others. Can’t tell you how proud I am of you and the good work you have begun under Simpatico.

Will Mackie

Loved it.

You never know what’s happening in someone else life, always be kind and treat everyone the way you would like to be treated.

Gabriel Perico

Wonderful words Brother. And as pleased as I am to call you a Brother, I am equally as pleased to call you a friend.

Skip Nichols

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