Well, thanks for asking!
Simpatico.Life is about Friends, Happiness, and Life.
Our message is easy and straightforward.
Find Friends, Hone Happiness, Live Life.

We are an online apparel store with fun unique designs that help people come together by bringing out the extrovert in everyone, creating smiles, good vibes and moments that bring us closer. You’ll find us at


The “ASK ME ABOUT LIFE” challenge.

Here is your chance to win FREE Simpatico swag. It’s easy!

Write to and tell us about your unique friend, your simpatico friend, the friend that brings happiness, fun and joy to your life.

  • Tell us your name and your friend’s name.
  • Tell us how your friend brings happiness to your life.

That’s it!

While we love to know how you met and how long you have been friends, we really want you to celebrate and let your friends and the world know about your friendship and how they enrich your happiness and life.

We will announce the winner on December 15,2023 and share their story at    

We can’t wait to hear your stories and how you embrace and practice your Simpatico.Life  – Find Friends, Hone Happiness, Live Life, 

Tell others about the “ASK ME ABOUT LIFE” challenge and encourage them to enter their submission at  ask them take a look at our collections and buy a shirt or two for themselves and their friend.

Mucho love,


Jose Tovar