About us

Our founder began designing his own t-shirts and accessories that combined a modern, timeless look with personally meaningful design. What started as a hobby turned into a medium to express gratitude and be thankful.    

Simpatico is an online shop that offers unique designs made with care and passion. 

Our goal is to inspire you to express yourself and connect with other kindred spirits to celebrate the distinct interests you have in common.   

We create goods that encourage you to tell and share your story with others, who you are and how you feel. 

Simpatico exists to help people come together by helping to bring out the extrovert in everyone, creating smiles, good vibes and moments that bring us closer to sympathetic minds. 

Find Friends, Hone Happiness, Live Life.

We are excited for what is in store for the future. Stay tuned on new developments and product offering. 

Thanks for visiting our page.

Mucho love.

Jose Tovar