Simpatico is One Year Old

Today is Simpatico's birthday!

One year ago today, on November 1, 2022, we launched the Simpatico online store and received our very first order. It has been an interesting first year, with highs, lows, and plenty of learning.

One year later, our mission remains the same, it is our sincere hope and wish that through our humble and simple designs, we have helped you, our customers, Find Friends, Hone Happiness, and Live Life.

From the very start, Simpatico helped by providing funds and covering expenses, as I worked and focused on launching Redoma, a startup nonprofit, that will function as an Adult Autism Center, please visit the to learn more. With generous support and donations from friends and “benefactors,” Redoma formally applied with the IRS for 501 c 3 status, and eagerly await our official Federal nonprofit status in 2024.

On the first anniversary of the first official online sale of Simpatico, I reached out to our first customer and asked if he would write a blog as a guest in Simpatico. Fortunately, our first customer was a dear friend, a confidant, a brother, and a source of unfiltered laughter and mucho love, and he said yes.

So please check us out at tell your friends about us and before you leave, please check the new blog "Thumbprints and Smudges" from our very first customer Jeff Twibell.

Mucho love,

Jose Tovar